Latest Audiobook Narration Release – F is for Frank

My latest audiobook narration release


Franks Wurst: The food of the future!

Try one today!

Many years have passed since Victor Frankenstein built his monster. The population has grown out of control. The food supply is getting low.


Designer children.

Parents surrender their children from birth so that new ones can be made from the best of the parts.

Well, most of them.

Some children grow up Normal. The N-Word. Lower class. Unable to land jobs. Mistakenly killed by cops over and over again.

Franks franchises are popping up like weeds. With only one thing on the menu, hot dogs. The low-cost way to feed billions. And people love them.

But when meat becomes scarce, a new item appears on the menu: Franks Wurst. It’s not long before that’s all anyone eats.

One night, Mr. Simonson, the Chairman of Franks, gets a crowbar to the skull.

He knew the secret recipe that not even he was supposed to know.

And the more time marches on, the weirder things get. And nobody’s questioning it.

Except for one: A Normal named Maria Shelton who finds the whole thing disturbing. The world’s addiction to Franks Wurst, the murder, and now Normals are disappearing by the hundreds. She’ll figure out just what the hell is going on. Even if it’s the last thing she does. 

And the more she digs, the deeper the conspiracy runs. It just may be the last thing she does.

Oh, Maria, what have you gotten yourself into?

It’s Frankenstein meets Soylent Green. Mary Shelley meets Charlton Heston. A crazy tale that you’d come to expect only from this author.

By the way, he can’t tell you what Franks Wurst is made of, but what he can say is it is not not people.

Note: These audiobooks do not need to be listened in alphabetical order. Mix and match! Trade with friends!

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