“Speaking of the amazing Mr. Dear, he does a fantastic job here. He just commands the story from page one, and his dulcet tones really do help you flow down that stream of conciousness river. I am quickly becoming a fan of his.”

 ~ Ray

“The narration was very fitting to the setting and feel of the book. Voices, accents, and inflections were all performed fabulously.”


“David S. Dear’s narration is flawless and he gives so many lives to so many characters here. Very good job. I’m definitely happy I checked this book out!”


“…the way in which he read and the inflection and pronunciation he used would be close to what would be in my head if I were reading the printed words.”


“David S. Dear’s cheeky narration was the perfect for this book. His compelling tone kept me interested through the cutaways which threatened to get me distracted. His characters’ interpretations were quite vivid and voices were distinctive enough to identify them. Dear’s voice is clear and the audio production was quite good …it was a five star narration.”


“David S. Dear navigates the story in a way that had me forgetting David wasn’t the author. In other words, he read with such panache and ease, the words seemed to be his own. Why can’t all readers be so smooth an natural?”


“David takes each word on the page and brings them to life; so much so that you have to pause and take a minute.”


“Mr. Dear was able to voice the different characters and their inflection quite well. He gave the book’s characters’ life and made them unique in their own way. I would listen to other audio materials by this narrator in the future.”